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Diversity is the charm that gets every traveller hooked on the glorious continent of Africa. Having a territory that extends to different groups of islands, Africa is definitely a paradise filled with various traditions, beliefs, customs, and attractions. This multiplicity makes this continent perpetually fascinating. In every part of Africa, there is a unique collection of natural and man-made wonders, which never fail to leave an indelible pleasure in the mind of tourists.

North Africa

History has a special place in the northern part of Africa. In Egypt, travelers find pleasure in seeing some elements of primordial civilization through the pyramids, the Nile River, and the Sphinx. Rediscovering the history of Tunisia also proves to be an exciting travel activity. Through trips to some of its historical sites, you can actually understand the makings of this Islamic country. Kairouan, a Muslim holy city visited by many tourists, is among the most impressive historical sites in Tunisia. Its ancient mosques and attractive Medina never fail to seize the attention even of Non-Muslim travelers. On the other hand, Morocco also has vacation rentals that feature the country's historic properties. Through the Fez Medina, travelers can enjoy staying in villas or small palaces with Old Moroccan designs.

Kairouan Mosque

West Africa

West African countries are known for their Muslim architecture. Mosques of different styles are bountiful in this area. Among the most frequently visited by tourists are The Grand Mosque in Senegal, Accra Mosque in Ghana, and Village Mosque in Gambia. They all reaffirm the beauty that comes in preserving these age-old structures. Needless to say, the intricate details of these structures are reminiscent of the rich heritage and culture in Africa.

East Africa

East Africa is overflowing with natural wonders. Kenya and Tanzania are perfect adventure spots for safari-loving travelers. Plants of all sorts and rich wildlife are also found in Madagascar and Uganda, making them a more popular spot for tourists. But when it comes to birdwatching, the landlocked Ethiopia continues to be Africa's undeniable pride. This highland shelters an exotic variety of birds, which include the Wattled Ibis, White-Collared Pigeon, and the White-Tailed Swallow.

South Africa

The modern side of Africa is highly visible in the southern area. Capetown, as a frequently visited destination, has a lot of modern surprises to offer its visitors. This is where you'll find the grand Table Mountain, which separates the city into different areas. Aside from this enormous sight, Capetown also has botanical gardens, seaboards, resorts, and entertainment centers. As the largest African city, Johannesburg is also known for its diamond and gold industry, while Evander, Welkom, Carletonville, and Orkney also make it to the list of best gold mines in Africa.

Top Hotels in Africa

Hotel accommodation is one of the most important things travelers should consider in their worldwide trips. In your tour to the enchanting continent of Africa, you definitely desire nothing but the best. However, some travel packages might disguise the best African hotels as costly treasures that are totally out of reach. Yet, this doesn't mean that you should be easily convinced by these promotions. With hotel accommodations that also come in reasonable prices, spending a great time in African hotels need not be a waste all your precious savings. All that is needed is for you to be wise enough in choosing an affordable yet an excellent one. In making your choice, you have to consider your interests and priorities. As such, here are some of the things that you should bear in mind when choosing a hotel:

Consider the Location

Just like in buying a house, location is an important aspect you should consider when picking a hotel. Even if you're going to stay there for just a night or two, your hotel must have an ideal location. If your interests are mainly on commerce and entertainment, you should find a hotel within the city center. Because of shopping centers, cinemas, airports, bars, and restaurants, African hotels that are located at the heart of the city are highly advised for tourists. In South Africa, you can enjoy an easy access to the many shopping outlets in Sandton City if you're staying at Sandton Sun and Towers Inter-Continental Johannesburg. North Africa also boasts of an impressive hotel situated at the city center. The Crown Palace Fez Hotel is just 15 minutes away from the airport. This hotel in Morocco is also near the train station. But if you're a nature lover, it will be best to choose a hotel that offers breathtaking window views or one that is situated in the suburbs. To appreciate Zimbabwe's natural beauty, you can stay at Makasa Sun. Aside from its entertainment facilities, Makasa Sun is the closest hotel to the majestic Victoria Falls.

Evaluate the Facilities

To make a good deal out of your budget, trim down on your indulgence even just a bit. When choosing a hotel in Africa, put all your petty cravings aside and just focus on what you really need in your temporary stay in Africa. So if your purpose is to simply obtain a comfortable resting place after a long day of African escapade, you definitely won't need much facilities in your hotel. All you need is a clean space with few yet quality amenities like bath essentials, TV, phone, and air conditioning unit. Do away with thick silk bed covers or a room with very intricate designs that you don't need at all. Some African hotels with great facilities are Mondior Summit in Botswana, Stella Di Mare Grand Hotel in Egypt, and Golden Tulip Accra in Ghana.

Think About the Service You Want to Receive

In staying at any type of hotel, bear in mind that you are a guest. This means that you deserve to receive a well-rounded, enthusiastic service. To get what you deserve, inquire first about the services hotels in Africa would normally offer. This will help you determine which accommodation will be worth your money. Some of the hotel services that you should look for are dining facilities, car rentals, security, laundry, and tour services. Find a hotel that offers all of these necessary services.

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